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Is It Really About The Work??

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It’s what we all tell ourselves time and time again whenever we need that mental push – “It’s ALL about the work” – it’s what gives us that 11th hour rush. And our ultimate goal, our most coveted symbol of achievement is a Cannes Lion. That one award that seems to trump all others. The one that says you’ve done something better than countless others. But is that an accurate perspective?

What if it there was a shift in what it was really about? What if it became more about capitalizing on our insatiable need for validation and being recognized, than it was about recognizing the true top performers? In this Adweek article about Cannes steadily adding more and more categories to its awards submissions, it raises questions and concerns across the industry.

Is this an attempt to increase revenue given that more categories means more entries and more submission fees? Does it mean that our most esteemed authority on identifying greatness is becoming a victim of the trophy generation – where we find a way for everyone to be a winner? Or is it merely a way to acknowledge that our industry really is as diverse and complex as the growing pool of categories?

While the jury may be out on this one for some time, one thing’s for certain. There will be no shortage of submissions in any category they continue to add this year, next year, or in the foreseeable future. Because after all, it’s Cannes.


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