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Keeping America Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful and The Ad Council have come together again, 30 years later to put a facelift on their memorable campaign on littering. It was easily one of the most memorable campaigns in advertising history, and ran for 12 years straight.

Back on Earth Day 1971, the two organizations created the “Crying Indian” commercial which featured a Native American actor tearing up at the spectacle of pollution all around him. He paddled a canoe through polluted waters, and watched motorists toss trash out of their vehicles with no regard for its effect on the environment.

Here’s the spot from back in the day – I remember seeing these as a kid.

The spots from their new “I want to be recycled” campaign in which recyclable materials aspire to be more than they appear to be. And remember – leave the land as you found it.


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Is It Really About The Work??



It’s what we all tell ourselves time and time again whenever we need that mental push – “It’s ALL about the work” – it’s what gives us that 11th hour rush. And our ultimate goal, our most coveted symbol of achievement is a Cannes Lion. That one award that seems to trump all others. The one that says you’ve done something better than countless others. But is that an accurate perspective?

What if it there was a shift in what it was really about? What if it became more about capitalizing on our insatiable need for validation and being recognized, than it was about recognizing the true top performers? In this Adweek article about Cannes steadily adding more and more categories to its awards submissions, it raises questions and concerns across the industry.

Is this an attempt to increase revenue given that more categories means more entries and more submission fees? Does it mean that our most esteemed authority on identifying greatness is becoming a victim of the trophy generation – where we find a way for everyone to be a winner? Or is it merely a way to acknowledge that our industry really is as diverse and complex as the growing pool of categories?

While the jury may be out on this one for some time, one thing’s for certain. There will be no shortage of submissions in any category they continue to add this year, next year, or in the foreseeable future. Because after all, it’s Cannes.


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Dangers of Over-Selling

With so much pressure on campaigns to outperform their predecessors, marketers try to find every possible nuance to differentiate what they’re selling. But sometimes slivers of detail are brought front and center as lead differentiators, which result in blurring the line between fact and fiction. BrandChannel ran an article about how doing so cost Kellog’s a pretty penny – to the tune of $4 million.

Here’s the original spot that ran back in 2009.


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Old Dog, New Trick

Don’t you just love it when someone takes an innovation that’s been around just long enough to be forgotten and puts a new and relevant twist on it? Well get ready for one of the oldies but goodies – lenticular displays. And what a smart way it’s being used here.
In this outdoor panel, the viewing angle variance is used to reach those who are on the smaller side – kids. More specifically, kids who may be victims of abuse, AND in the present company of their aggressors. They see one message, and adults(who are at a different viewing angle) see a different message.

This is great!

See the original article here.


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Another Innovation by Virgin

Leave it to Virgin to find yet another reason to choose them for your next flight – to find love. With their new touchscreen Seat-to-Seat Delivery service, passengers can try their flirtation skills at 30,000 feet.

Passengers can send one another text messages, drinks, snacks – even meals. So much for boring flights, right? Imagine sending a message to someone from a seat whose occupant has gone to the lavatory? Could be funny – hey, it might even make a serendipitous love connection by proxy. Either way, I say props to the team who thought of it. Plus, one more example that everything has NOT been thought of already.

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A Little About Me


Born and raised in New Orleans, I drew inspiration at an early age from the city’s local artists and artisans. Whether it was wooden sculptures, abstract paintings, musical experimentation or the culinary creativity found at every turn, there was always something to fuel new ideas and discoveries. After gaining success as one of the city’s fine artists, I moved to South Florida to spread my creative wings into the world of Advertising.

In my 18+ years in the business, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with big brand as well as startups, including DHL, Black & Decker, the FDA, Celebrity Cruises, Atlantis Paradise Island, Boston Whaler, Listerine, LexisNexis, Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB, Aruba Tourism, LexisNexis, OneBlood, and many others.

As Associate Creative Director, my leadership approach is methodical – energizing those around me with a relentless passion for uncovering new territory. And the wide range of brands I’ve touched, combined with the many roles I’ve played along the way have given me a keen business lens and a holistic understanding that if it doesn’t sell – it doesn’t work.


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