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FDA’s Anti-Tobacco Campaign

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The FDA just launched it’s new anti-tobacco “The Real Cost” campaign, targeting at-risk teens. 8,000 young people will be monitored over the next two years to see if the campaign has any effect. It’s expected to cost $400 million, which will come from fees paid to the US by Big Tobacco.

The tables are turning on tobacco, and there’s emphasis being placed on teens who are in the industry’s crosshairs. They are being sought after as the replacement customers for those that die every day from tobacco-related illnesses. Here are the spots from the FDA’s “The Real Cost” campaign.



The Center for Disease Control and Prevention relaunched their “Tips from Former Smokers” campaign and anti-smoking group Legacy will also debut a media campaign this summer in an attempt to combat the $8 billion marketing efforts by the tobacco industry each year.

In addition to that, CVS made a game-changing move by announcing it will no longer sell tobacco products in its thousands of retail stores. Things should get interesting…

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